A Writer’s Struggle

I have been a writer for a few years now. I call myself a writer instead of an author only because I currently do not have a finished manuscript to publish. The struggles in this industry are real. Things happen behind the scenes that I was never aware of as a reader. Knowing all of this, I still want to be a published author. Despite all the struggles and industry BS, I want to write!

Recent issues in the industry involve copyright laws and the problems with piracy of authors’ written work. It is such an overwhelming drag on the authors that readers enjoy. Many authors work full-time jobs and write when they can, still publishing books in a consistent manner. It amazes me. I want to be like those authors! I want to work and still have the emotional state-of-mind to write when I get home from work. Many successful authors state the obvious, “if you want to be an author, then you have to write.” I get it. I really do, but where do they find the motivation to keep writing after putting in the hours of a full-time job. How do they handle their family time when putting in so many hours? It is a mystery to me because when I come home from my full-time job, I am exhausted. Granted, I work in a high-stress environment where safety comes first and everyone is always on alert. Statistics show the amount of stress in my job never leaves us and that our bodies merely adapt to the high-level of alertness we find ourselves in at all times. (I work in a prison setting.) It is emotionally and physically draining on our minds and bodies. It is what I do to pay the bills. But don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy my job! I love the idea that I might be making a difference with these people. It’s what I do.

Now, having said all that, how do I become the author I want to be? Yes, writing is the number one thing to do. If there is nothing written then I am not really going toward my dreams. How can I publish something that isn’t written? Obvious answer. Scheduling the time to write has been a difficult thing for me. I will schedule it, but when the time comes I don’t always do it. I need something that holds me accountable. Perhaps a person to motivate me or an incentive to do the work. But I know me, I may not hold myself to the standards I set. This is my struggle more than the issues in the writing industry itself. As the majority of the issues being addressed by authors now do not influence me, because I currently have nothing to publish. So, to become an author you must write. Does anyone see a reoccuring issue here? Yup, got to write!

So, I have decided to try taking up my blog again. If I can just generate some things here on my page, then perhaps I can find the motivation to work on my novels. It might be a good idea to think through the novels on my blog. Maybe ideas will inspire me to write the story I have in me. For it is in me and waiting to be told. The characters are constantly in my mind and telling me about themselves. Now to get their stories down and into a manuscript worthy of publishing.

Here goes nothing . . .

2 thoughts on “A Writer’s Struggle

  1. Deb, I so understand what you are saying. Though I wasn’t in as stressful a situation as you are, teaching drained my energy so much that by the time I got home, it was tough to feel motivated to write. I like your idea about working through your story ideas here on your blog. Writing always helps me figure things out. And as Louie L’Amour said, “Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” I admire your dedication.


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