New Year 2017 – A New Beginning

As the New Year begins, I look back and wonder what I want for this year that did not happen last year. There are many things, but that is not what I want to write about now. Something has happened that has sparked an interest in my “abilities” as I know them. What does that mean? Let me explain.

I am a believer in the metaphysical world and the powers that are instinctive in us all. I have been told that I have strong intuitive abilities and that I tend to doubt my own abilities too much. (I have no doubt about that!) Anyway, what I have come to believe is that I must work harder to release what is instinctively inside me. Meditation is key and so is believing in the power that is me.

Last year, I placed a shelter out for the many homeless cats that wander our neighborhood. (I know, bad idea. But I cannot stand to see the little creates so cold and hungry throughout the hard winter. It is not their fault that they have no home and must fend for themselves. They are living creatures that deserve a life as much as the rest of us.) This shelter has been inhabited by a black cat since about a month after I put it out there. Every time I go out my front door I see the flash of a black tail or the shadow of a cat run away. It is instinctive and I do not blame the cat. He/she probably has been treated badly and knows no better except to flee. I was always wishing that it would trust me to help.

One night while outside, I heard the cries of a cat hissing and screeching. From across the neighbor’s driveway a black cat came flying across the snow and up a tree with another black cat chasing it. It continued to hiss and cry. My little shelter cat came out of his/her shelter to see what was happening and crouched down on the neighbor’s sidewalk. I got up and walked down my sidewalk to try and shoo the chasing cat away so that the other might climb down. I was successful, but the other cat did not leave the tree. Two driveways over, the chasing cat watched and waited. My shelter cat watched and waited too with looks back and forth between the chaser and the chased. Without going into the snow or getting too close to the tree I moved around to try and get a better look at the cat. At first it did not move. I wondered it if was stuck or just scared. Slowly it began moving from one branch of the tree to the other in a circle toward me. As I moved to get a better view, it changed direction. At least it was not stuck or hurt. Eventually it jumped down and hopped over the snow into the neighbor’s driveway. As it was walking pass the mailboxes, the chaser appeared and the two disappeared into the night hissing and screeching.

I tell you this story only as it might relate to the actions of my shelter cat. For the whole time that this action played out, he/she sat on the neighbor’s sidewalk and watched. Cats are very intelligent animals and I have to wonder if it was observing me and my actions. Perhaps judging me in some small way.

About two weeks ago, not long after the nighttime chase, while I was sitting outside on my porch step admiring the stars, my shelter cat came around the corner and froze. It was just a shadow and I was not even sure that it was my shelter cat for the chaser and chased cats were both black as well. He/she stared at me for a bit and then cautiously made his/her way to the shelter. I watched and willed him/her to not be afraid of me. Sending out waves of comfort and calm.

As the cat reached the shelter it slowly came to a stop and crouched down to stare at me. I sat very still and continue to send out my waves of energy in the hopes that it would feel me and know that I meant no harm. There was nothing of the cat to see except a shadowy blur under the pine tree by the shelter. We both sat unmoving for what seemed like an hour, but it was only minutes/seconds.

Very softly I heard a quiet “mew” and saw the white teeth of the little cat. I answered with a “mew” of my own. Slowly the cat moved toward me. It was still hunched down, so I made no sudden movements. It came up to where my feet were resting on the stone step and reached its head out to sniff my shoe. Slowly I reached down to touch the top of its head and whispered soft words to let it hear my voice and know I was not a threat. Keeping a watch on its mouth, for fear of a sudden attack, I continued to lightly scratch its head. It sat calmly and then walked pass me, rubbing up against the step as it went. It turned and walked pass again. I leaned forward and could hear the soft thrumming of a purr. I could not believe it. The cat was purring and rubbing its body along the step, putting its cheek against my shoe. Eventually it came up the step and rubbed its face against my leg as I continued to pet him/her. The message sent by me had worked. It was not afraid of me.

After that night it approached me one other time at night. During the day it would still run off. Sometimes it would not go far and other times it would flee around a corner. Today it came out of the shelter and crouched at my feet again while I scratched its head and rubbed his/her body. I could not believe it. I was so happy that he/she was so trusting. The idea that it would leave its safe, warm shelter to greet me made my heart happy. I can only hope that more trust will grow between us. But it leaves me to question . . .

Was it my actions that night with the other cats that changed its opinion of me?

Was it the comforting/calm energy waves that it finally acknowledged?

Could I have influenced it to accept me?

I may never know the answers, but I am happy with the results and like to think it is my healing nature – my metaphysical abilities that have helped our relationship. For if that is true, then it means I am finally tapping into what has always been instinctively there.


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