Places to Write

Well, for a while now I have been looking for a place to find my muse, to write without interruption and to really focus on the writing. I have been using my comfy green chair in my living room next to my French doors that lead out to my deck. Very nice setting and I am able to write, but every once in a while the cat will want my attention and walk right onto my lap and interrupt the writing process. So I will have to stop the flow and move the cat. Needless to say it can get frustrating. So where can a writer write?

I live in a small town without a lot of places for writers. That’s not to say that there aren’t any places that I could find, but which place would be best for me? I would like a place that I feel comfortable writing in and one that makes me feel like writing. I want to walk into a place and know that I am going to be writing here and getting some great words down.

In an effort to find such a place, I Googled “Places to Write” and, of course, Google doesn’t fail. There are lots of places! I could write in a park, except that it gets hot out there and there are bugs (ewww). I could write in a cafe or coffee shop, not a bad idea, but I fear that my ADHD might get the better of me and I will spend more time people-watching instead of writing! A bookstore would be nice, but aside from the afore-mentioned attention difficulties, the closest bookstore is about 20-30 minutes away depending on traffic. There’s always the library. The library might actually work. They are usually quiet with few interruptions and there are two that I could choose from one near my place of work and one in my town. Hmmm, could it work? Sure could. Now I need to have the motivation to go to these places!

Google also offered some other suggestions that I would love to try. Why not on a train? Traveling would be nice, but that suggestion could get expensive and would I get motion sickness on the train? Going to a shopping mall or a college campus were also suggested. Not bad ideas, but the mall would definitely cause my ADHD to kick in. Perhaps a college campus would work if I could use it without a student ID. Hmmm, more possibilities.

On a more personal note a lot will depend on me and my own motivation to find a place. As much as I enjoy writing and have a lot to write about in this Work-In-Progress (WIP) I still struggle with my own issues. Depression is a major one that gets in the way of own motivation. I may enjoy doing the activity, but the depression gets in the way of allowing me to do the things I enjoy. That is what really makes finding the perfect writing place so difficult.

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